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Synnibarr Sunday: The Difference Is, With the Spell, They Also Talk Back

Here are some important facts regarding various spells. Silver Pentacle (30th-level Earthpower spell) – The ultimate defense, it will stop Venderant Nalaberong 50% of the time. Irresistable Vapors of Weakness (3rd-level Mage Warrior Spell) – Can only be dodged with … Continue reading

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This Week

Shared bookmarks for user Legomancer Third Coast International Audio Festival :: A Lucky Wind Nice audio story about how there are fewer "miracles" around once you learn statistics. Tagged as: [math skeptic science] Katrina: 5 years later – Then … Continue reading

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Raiders of the Lost Images V

It’s been a while since I did this. Enjoy a bunch of images I made that even I don’t remember the entire purpose of! It’s Kevin Church’s favorite crossword puzzle clue: I am tired of these deviants shoving their sick … Continue reading

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Go Elsewhere

Let’s see what some pals of mine are up to in other regions of the Internet! Eugene Ahn, known to mortals as Adam WarRock, has an incredible 16-song mixtape available based on the most popular comic book team ever, the … Continue reading

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DungeonQuest Review

As I mentioned, I did get the new Fantasy Flight edition of DungeonQuest, and people have been asking me what I think of it. “Dave,” they say, “what do you think of the new Fantasy Flight version of DungeonQuest?” So … Continue reading

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It is in-damn-sane how excited we are over here about receiving our new spacious recycling bin! Being good citizens, we do a lot of recycling, but up until now it’s been a pain in the butt because we only had … Continue reading

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The Art of the Brick

This weekend we went to go see the Art of the Brick exhibit at the Springfield Quad Museums. This is the work of Nathan Sawaya, a full-time artist who makes sculptures in the medium of Lego. You’ve seen his stuff … Continue reading

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Synnibarr Sunday: I Wanna Be Adored

Once your Synnibarr character gets to be around 45th level, he or she will want to start thinking about becoming an Immortal (page 96). To become an Immortal, you have to get a God to grant you an Immortal Quest, … Continue reading

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