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Happy St. Soldier Day!

This is one of those days I need to just stay off the Internet.

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LET’S USE OIL (a cooperative game)

NEED: map (above) six sided die bunch of jellybeans or M&Ms The candy represents some usage of oil. On land (green) it might be a car, a home using oil-generated electricity, a guy running his lawnmower for the third time … Continue reading

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This Week

Shared bookmarks for user Legomancer Those irrational, misled, conspiratorial Muslims – Glenn Greenwald – Also they think the Earth is flat but we know it’s really 6,000 years old. Tagged as: [culture media] Physicists Achieve Quantum Teleportation Across … Continue reading

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And That Little Boy Grew Up to Be…

Check out what I found recently when looking through an old issue of Patsy, one of those fashion comics where fans could send in designs for the characters’ outfits: Who knew? I wonder if he ever re-used that design later!

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Science! Part Two

I have now made a sequel to my Lego Science Platform! This is the Phaladonian Space Telescope “Karwik”. It is a multi-wavelength telescope for doing deep space research. The odd shape for this and the previous one are due to … Continue reading

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This Used to Be the Future: Robot Hater!

Welcome to the exciting world of The Future! I’m your host, Dave Lartigue, and each Wednesday I’ll be taking you on an exciting and educational journey into the time to come! Sit back, pull up a cosmo chair, pour a … Continue reading

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The Eyes Have It (More or Less)

A few months ago Beebo scratched one of his eyes. Like, the eyeball itself. We took him to the vet, who gave us some drops, and about a week later he was all better. Then, two weeks later, he scratched … Continue reading

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Collect All 16!

The collectible Lego minifigures have hit the US…and my home! This is a collection of 16 special minifigs released in “blind” packaging (you don’t know which one you’re getting). They’ve been out in Europe for a while and are finally … Continue reading

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