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By the Time You Read This, I Will Already Be ROFLing.

I’m AFK today, since I’m in Boston hanging out at ROFLCon! Yes, for some reason I have decided to willing go to a place where I’ll be surrounded by people who think Chuck Norris and bacon are the epitome of … Continue reading

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Business As Usual

On Tuesday we were treated to a couple of Goldman Sachs douchebags being grilled in front of Congress. They’re accused of, essentially, selling their clients garbage that they were so sure would fail, they were betting against it with other … Continue reading

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Best Comics Month Ever

I was recently looking through a bunch of Silver Age comics and while we all know that the Silver Age is the Best Age, I think you can pinpoint the exact apex of quality from that era: February 1966. Here’s … Continue reading

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I Will Be Arriving Via Subway, Not ROFLcopter

This weekend I’m going to be in Boston as a VIP* at ROFLCon, a convention celebrating all sorts of Internet foolishness. I’ll be one of several Bureau Chiefs attending thanks to the crazy popularity of the Fake AP Stylebook religion … Continue reading

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Review: Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli

Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli was the big star last year, winning all sorts of critical acclaim and ending up on many “Best Comics of 2009″ lists except for mine, because I hadn’t read it yet. Why hadn’t I? I … Continue reading

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And Now, Funny Only to Me Theater Presents

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This Week

Shared bookmarks for user Legomancer Chris Ware’s rejected Fortune cover | The Beat You do whatever thing you wanna do, Mr. Ware. You’ve earned it. Tagged as: [comics money satire] YouTube – As Seen on TV – a tribute to doing … Continue reading

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Lego Diem is Two!

Today is the second blogday of my Lego image blog, Lego Diem! I celebrated by buying a bunch of things off Bricklink for my next major build. And last night I built this: Uhoh! It looks like Dr. Sforzy accidentally … Continue reading

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