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Notable Games of 2009

Another “cool-down” year for me. I bought significantly fewer games and continue to brutally remove games from my shelves if they’re not getting played, no matter how neat I think they might be. Most notably, I sold my Magic cards … Continue reading

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Oops, I Forgot I Made This Like Back in October or So

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Ask a Judoon

The Judoon are everyone’s favorite intergalactic mercenary cops, but although we all adore them, we haven’t ever really gotten to know them. So I’ve asked this Judoon if he would mind answering a few questions for us, just to meet … Continue reading

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Back from Christmas Break!

We spent last week in Louisiana for Christmas, hence the re-runs. But now I’m back! My Christmas haul was: The Lego Book LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary by Simon Beecroft Lego Pirate Tank (Clone Wars) which is pretty hard … Continue reading

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This Could Be a Little More Sonic

Now available on Bad Wolf Records.

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Space Cabby by Chris Sims

Chris Sims is the beloved host of the Invincible Super-Blog, and for Christmas he sent me this magnificent portrait of my favorite hero denying service to Jack Kirby’s Fearsome Spectre of Death, the Black Racer. Although Chris is CLEARLY talented … Continue reading

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Christmas Past 5

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Fritz the Reindeer: A Dave Ex Machina Holiday Tradition

Okay, kids, sit back and I’m gonna tell you a Christmas story, one I doubt you’ve heard before, but it’s all true, I swear! It started a few years ago in August. Now, we don’t usually think of August as … Continue reading

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