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Um…He’s Gonna Be Okay, Isn’t He? ISN’T HE?

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To Do Today

Read at least one more chapter. Fix the sink. Mail my jury duty card. Walk the dog. Get new bootlaces. (Got new boots, too!) Vacuum the bedroom. Balance the checkbook. Get my x-ray films for my appt. tomorrow. Shovel driveway … Continue reading

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The Story of Hanukkah

Dave Campbell of the sadly-defunct Dave’s Long Box blog explains the true meaning of Hanukkah!

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I Made a Snowman!

Isn’t it awesome?

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This Week

Shared bookmarks for user Legomancer Media Matters – Sean Hannity: Media Matters ‘ 2008 Misinformer of the Year But since he’s a Republican, he’ll keep his job as a paid liar. Tagged as: [politics media lie] Action Age Comics! … Continue reading

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Unbelievable Dalek Christmas Tree from Lindsey J. Testolin on Vimeo. Now, the concept is first rate. But the video soundtrack? PLEASE. Have a more appropriate one. Ahhh…MUCH better!

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Lego Review: 10144: Sandcrawler

Since my Lego building involves making MOCs (My Own Creation), I don’t usually buy the really big sets unless they’re on deep clearance, or unless it’s something really nice. I tend to stick to smaller and medium-sized sets. But I … Continue reading

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Leaf Bag Contest Winner!

We got 25″ of snow last night, so the leaf bag contest must come to an end! This is actually a lie — we got like MAYBE an inch, but it sounds much better than “We ran out of steam … Continue reading

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