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This Week

Shared bookmarks for user Legomancer YouTube – Police dash cam of Meteor over Edmonton, Canada Awesome. I remember seeing a similar fireball in my backyard in Illinois. Tagged as: [youtube science cool] Antigay-rights activist seeks to ban same-sex benefits … Continue reading

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I Have a Penis

Another “too busy for a real blog post” day. Incidentally, I am male. I have a penis. I’m sure you have questions right now, and yes, they are valid ones. Incidentally, I am male. The thing is, I ran my … Continue reading

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Sorry, the situation at work has been taking my full attention this week, but that’s why I’m loving Twitter. Yes, you read that correctly. On the surface, Twitter seems absurd. 140 characters? And yet it’s incredibly addictive. It takes the … Continue reading

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Pal Andrew alerted me this morning to a curious development. It seems that when he opened my site, he got all kinds of malware warnings and a redirect. I’ve had no such experience, but when he said it was on … Continue reading

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Look, He’s All “Zuh?”

Way too busy for the usual jollity, so instead you get a poorly done image that doesn’t make any sense.

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Bus Off a Cliff Comics: Sixty Days

Up to 90 proposed regulations could be finalized before President George W. Bush leaves office Jan. 20. If adopted, these rules could weaken workplace safety protections, allow local police to spy in the “War on Terror” and make it easier … Continue reading

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Also, He’d Like to Hold Your Hand

When I was a kid, my mom had a subscription to the National Enquirer. This was back when the NE was more into the UFOs and Bigfoot genres than the celebrity gossip genres. I ate it up as a kid. … Continue reading

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Tiny Birds

(No leaf bag update. This week was nothing but rain again. There’s stuff that NEEDS to be raked, but it’s always sopping wet.) I was running low on stupid shit to do on the computer, so I’m now on Twitter. … Continue reading

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