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Just a shout to all my peeps in the 504, 318, and 225. Stay safe.

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This Week

Shared bookmarks for user Legomancer Who’s Alive and Who’s Dead Handy! Tagged as: [death] Change *We* Can Believe In Add my name to the undersigned. Tagged as: [politics] YouTube – Mythbusters draw a MONA LISA in 80 milliseconds ! … Continue reading

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Yes, But Was She a PRISONER OF WAR!?!?

Palin (far left) with other Republican women McCain has chosen his veep, and holy cow, he’s a she! Maybe he believed all those idiot Clinton supporters who said they’d vote for him instead of Obama. It’s an odd choice, because … Continue reading

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Lego Review: 8633: Agents: Mission 4: Speedboat Rescue: colon:

This was one of the two sets I bought for myself for my birthday. It’s a $40 set, so it’s just about in the middle of the Agents line. The Facts Price: $40 Number of pieces: 340 Price per piece: … Continue reading

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Gundamania Runnin’ Wild!

Say, anyone out there want some Gundam action figures? These guys are getting ready for their photo shoot tonight in preparation for some eBay action! There are 25 of them in there. I collected these figures — gosh, it’s probably … Continue reading

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My Wife

The Chimera

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Ancient Chinese Curse: May Geeks Always Help You

For those who don’t remember when I used to blather about it more, Geocaching is a hobby in which you use a GPS device to find hidden boxes from the coordinates posted on a website. It’s good, clean outdoorsy fun, … Continue reading

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Golden Calf Comics

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