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Reply Hazy, Try Again

A couple of people have sent me this fantastic news: Blizzard has officially announced Diablo 3! As one of the seventeen people still playing Diablo 2 regularly, I am very excited about this. They have an official site for the … Continue reading

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Lego Lust

(I was pretty happy with this post on Lego Diem. so I’m reposting it here.) Adult Fans of Lego have it easy. If they see a pricey set they want, they can just get it. Never let anyone tell you … Continue reading

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This Week

Shared bookmarks for user Legomancer The Raw Story | Kucinich: ‘We went to war for the oil companies’ Is Dennis Kucinich the only person in Congress who understands how the government is supposed to operate? Tagged as: [politics war] … Continue reading

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Raiders of the Lost Images III

Time to dip into the image folder again to see what kind of nonsense I came up with in the past six months. This was an email I received. I wanted to turn “WHAT YOU HAVE MAKE???????” into an Internet … Continue reading

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The Geek Phrasebook II

community — a group of people with the same interest as you who you can have a dick-measuring contest with over who’s the best fan. (Other entries)

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The Dark Knight Concerns

I finally got one of the Batman Lego sets. I wanted a small set with a cool bad guy in it and this “Escape of Mr. Freeze” set totally filled the bill! Check him out. Have you ever seen a … Continue reading

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Confidential to Comics Bloggers

Stay exceptionally classy, folks!

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Great Moments in Dungeon Mastery

I was digging through a notebook this weekend that had my notes for a 3rd Edition D&D campaign I ran a few years ago. Look and learn, folks. This is how the pros do it. If you can’t read my … Continue reading

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