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Tanga and Cash (minus the cash)

Tanga is one of those things that could only exist on the internet. It’s an online store, but it patterns itself after Woot!. For those who don’t know what any of that means, let me explain. Tanga sells one item … Continue reading

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This Week

Shared bookmarks for user Legomancer There Go the Dinosaurs TONIGHT! (Tonight! tonight!) FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY! (Only! only!) JESUS! VERSUS! DINOSAURS! Tagged as: [religion history comics] feelings6 on Flickr – Photo Sharing! Preschool children illustrate their feelings: happy, sad, … Continue reading

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Hotel Chevalier

Short (12 minute) film by Wes Anderson. Supposedly a bit of a prequel to the upcoming Darjeeling Limited. WARNING! (or bonus, your choice) FEATURES NUDE NATALIE PORTMAN (butt). (Google took the video down. I’m sure it can be found elsewhere, … Continue reading

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Well, Maybe Next Year

We just got a call that the Mountain Goats show we were going to see Saturday night has been cancelled. Bleah. Here’s a video for the band we’re not seeing this weekend:

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Clearly It’s a Sign…But From Whom?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Barney Potato: Compare: Matt and Satoko gave us a selection of crops from their garden, and this amazing specimen was included within! Perhaps the thought of toddler pilgrims flocking to their kitchen prompted them to give … Continue reading

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This Can’t Be Good

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Did I Wake Up on the Wrong Earth this Morning?

Suddenly the Right Wing is outraged over bad treatment of homosexuals?

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You’d Think the Slitheen Would Just Stay Away By This Point

The Sarah Jane Adventures kicks off its season tonight at 5:00 pm, England time with part one of “Revenge of the Slitheen”. Since it’s right now almost 6:30 pm there, I guess it already did so. According to my sources, … Continue reading

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