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Bus Off a Cliff Comics: Featuring Dick Durbin and George Tenet!

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Here’s a poem about Free Comic Book Day: Free Comic Book Day The first Saturday In the month of May Yay yay yay yay yay! That poem is factually true. FCBD happens on the first Saturday in May which is … Continue reading

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Comic Selling Done Right

Congratulations to Jim, Shannon, Mike, and everyone else at Modern Myths for nabbing “Best Comic Shop” in the Valley Advocate’s readers’ poll! There’s a reason I happily drive 30 miles a week to go get my comics! Excellent job, folks!

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The Game of “Russian Sledges”

We all write down the same list of a dozen of the dearest friends we have in common. Each of us then imagines himself crossing the steppes of Russia with all of them in a sledge pursued by a pack … Continue reading

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This Week

Shared bookmarks for user Legomancer Passing the Buck and Missing the Point What the Imus affair did and didn’t teach us. Tagged as: [essay politics society race] The Morning News: News : Man Threatens Legal Action Against City This … Continue reading

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That Smell in the Air…It Can Only be Previews!

See, his girlfriend’s name is Carol Ferris, and… Time to sift through the parade of pathos that is Previews, the Comic Shop’s Catalog! Speak of the Devil (p. 25) — I’m all for this…in trade. Dark Horse collects everything in … Continue reading

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A Safety Issue, But For Whom?

Mike Daisey is a monologist. A professional storyteller. His best known work (until recently) is 21 Dog Years, in which he recounts his experiences working for His latest piece is entitled “Invincible Summer”, and while performing it the other … Continue reading

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Is It That Time Already?

165 years: Time it takes Neptune to orbit the sun. 75 years: Life span of African Bush Elephant. 22 years: Half-life of element 89, Actinium. 9 years: Time it took to complete the Lincoln Memorial. 6 years: Gestation period for … Continue reading

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