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New Year’s Eve

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This Week

Shared bookmarks for user Legomancer YouTube – Charlie the Unicorn Charlie! Tagged as: [funny video] The Enduring Legacy of Gerald R. Ford Gerald Ford: Heckuva guy. Tagged as: [politics death] Feud may cast mosque beside swine – Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Saddam Hussein Dead

Remember what we learned last week from Gerald Ford’s death. This is not the time to start dredging up controversial things the man may have done. He served his country, he had some tough decisions to make, and we should … Continue reading

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Notable (to Me) Games of 2006

Much to Becky’s chagrin, 2006 was my second year as a full-on boardgame geek, and here’s a baker’s dozen of games that had some kind of big influence on me. (For comparison, here is last year’s list.) You can click … Continue reading

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Freehand on Graphics Tablet, 2006

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Now I Need a Beret, Some Clove Cigarettes, and a Black Turtleneck

I have completed my first masterpiece with my new graphics tablet: I call it, “Why Are You Still Drawing Lines? I’m Not Pressing Anything! Now Hang On, I Thought This Button Made It Go! No, Not a Dot, a Line!” … Continue reading

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Let the Debate Begin!

Donna: Companion or Not?

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With the Wisdom of Solomon…

Finished the Showcase Presents: Shazam! collection last night. Those are the weirdest damn comics. Hell, Superboy comics look downright pedestrian compared to that weirdness. DC seemed to want to aim it towards younger readers with stuff like this: And this … Continue reading

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