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And Now, Xandu Demands Pie!

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For Science!

Also while I’m here I’m apparently part of a study that is examining the cumulative effects of ‘Golden Girls’ re-runs on the under-50 brain. Unfortunately, it’s not double-blind.

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I Have Not Abandoned You

So I’m still here in Louisiana. Dad’s surgery is on Friday, and I’m just hanging with him until then. I’ve visited with family, hit the game and comic shops, and even managed to do some work here (double-remotely). I brought … Continue reading

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Out of the Office

I’m in Louisiana. My Dad is having some surgery this week, so I’m down here helping him and my sister out a bit. As you’ve noticed, blogging will be sparse this week.

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This Week

Shared bookmarks for user Legomancer YouTube – Iraqi Kid Runs For Water American troops taunt kids with bottled water. Tagged as: [war] Atheism, not religion, is the real force behind the mass murders of history – Yahoo! News Do … Continue reading

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We Have a Winner!

I got close to 50 entries in my Great Teaching Baby Paranoia Contest, which isn’t bad considering that’s, like, ten times my average readership. You’re all winners in my book (except for that one guy — you know who you … Continue reading

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White Gold

Flush with the success of the U.S. State Quarters series, the mint is looking to finally conquer the challenge that has so far defeated it: making a dollar coin people will use. Presidents, Well Known or Not, Will Have Their … Continue reading

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