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Hooray for New Games!

My big birthday games order is here! What you see there is Samural, Tikal, Ark of the Covenant, For Sale, Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix, Poison, Coda, Times Square, Battle Line, Tichu, and Bohnanza! And that’s not including the copy of Louis … Continue reading

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The War is a Lie, and You Know It

The first installment of Mother Jones magazine’s Flash-based database is now online. Lie by Lie This is no small article. All the information in it is sourced and cross-referenced. Unfortunately many people already knew the information contained in it, and … Continue reading

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Tokyopop to Dave: Please Stop Buying Our Comics

After reading this: New Tokyopop Website Offers Exclusive Manga In addition to making some manga available for reading online, the new Tokyopop site will also offer fans the ability to order some exclusive manga in book form that will not … Continue reading

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Happy Labor Day!

Real Wages Fail to Match a Rise in Productivity As a result, wages and salaries now make up the lowest share of the nation’s gross domestic product since the government began recording the data in 1947, while corporate profits have … Continue reading

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Finite Jest

I finished Infinite Jest this weekend. And by “finished” I mean, “decided life is too short.” I got about 100 pages in, not counting footnotes pages, before saying, “Yeah, okay, we’re done here.” It’s not a bad book, just tedious. … Continue reading

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I Saw Her on the Cover of a Kraftwerk Song

The first band I ever got into with any depth was Kraftwerk. My friend Gene introduced me to them via the song “Pocket Calculator” and I was hooked. My other friends weren’t crazy about them, but fortunately others were. Others … Continue reading

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This Week

Shared bookmarks for user Legomancer Forums -> I played WoW, I became a terrorist (story!) An iPod plus a toilet equals terror. This is the idiotic, cowardly, insane world we now live in. Tagged as: [stupid tech politics] … Continue reading

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So You Think I Can’t Dance?

When I was told that Sydney, Anne and Stewart’s four-year-old daughter, wanted to play a game, I got excited. I wondered which one she’d bring out to play. Would it be Twilight Struggle, a gripping strategy game based on the … Continue reading

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