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Speedy, The Catapult! Hurry!

So I finally got the Showcase Presents: Green Arrow volume 1 and started reading it last night. It’s…well…it’s not the best silver age stuff I’ve read. And boy, this isn’t the Kirby art that people talk about when they talk … Continue reading

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Geocaching in the News

Becky and I enjoy us some Geocaching, even though we haven’t done it in a while. (That will change this year, I swear!) We even have a window sticker on our car announcing our love of this activity. So it’s … Continue reading

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The Monosyllabic* History of Comics

* More or less… I’m finally getting around to scanning in the “comic” I made for 24 Hour Comic Book Day last year. Here’s one of the bits. You’ll note these are pages 20 and 21…by this time it was … Continue reading

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What is the Value of Richard Cohen?

In the Washington Post, columnist Richard Cohen asks the question, “What Is the Value of Algebra?”. And then he answers it: You will never need to know algebra. I have never once used it and never once even rued that … Continue reading

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An excellent essay by Glenn Greenwald: Do Bush followers have a political ideology? It used to be the case that in order to be considered a “liberal” or someone “of the Left,” one had to actually ascribe to liberal views … Continue reading

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Another Dumpster Full of Memories

They’re moving in the second dumpster over to the former Krakhaus. They already filled up one. I didn’t imagine there was still that much stuff left in the place. The day after the squatters left, I was talking to Billy, … Continue reading

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Cryptic Games

Okay, here’s my entry in the “Most Narrowly Focused Blog Post Ever” contest, designed to appeal primarily to people interested in European boardgames and a certain type of crossword puzzle. So yeah, you can stop reading now. Lately I have … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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