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Eldritch, Cyclopean Horror

Last night, as a special Halloween one-shot, my gaming group played Call of Cthulhu instead of Eberron. I had never played CoC before and wasn’t sure what to expect, and found it pretty interesting. Later, TJ was talking about a … Continue reading

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My Life as a Comics Reader

Unlike many comics readers, I didn’t really “grow up” reading comics. I slouched towards comics-reading, moving at it in disconnected fits and starts. Here’s the story of how I became a comics reader, told via the medium of a list … Continue reading

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Cheap Games R Us

Sometimes it’s hard to keep my mouth shut. The other day I was in Toys R Us, looking at the Legos, and there was a young couple there, guy and girl. He was talking about how cool certain sets were, … Continue reading

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The Experiment Was a Failure

Well, my Great Linux experiment may be nearing an end, I’m sorry to say. I may be heading back to Windows. I don’t want to, but I may have to. I originally switched to Linux because at the time I … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop Believin, Hold on to That Fee-lay-ee-in!

Well I’m back on my medication now, so here’s something fun. Last night, Dan, Jen, TJ, Mary, Becky, and I went to the Iron Horse in Northampton to go listen to Matt Sharp and Goldenboy play. Matt Sharp, for the … Continue reading

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You Can’t Prove It’s NOT True!

I think it’s interesting that a large portion of Bush’s reasons he should be elected rely on things not happening. Since you can’t prove a negative, the claim that “because of my actions, X didn’t happen” is totally spurious. How … Continue reading

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Time for something a little more upbeat. Though I have stopped collecting Star Wars action figures, this is something I’m going to have to own:

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Cal Thomas, Yesterday and Today

Cal Thomas, today: Somin adds, “Particularly significant is the fact that, on many issues, the majority is not only ignorant of the truth, but actively misinformed. For example, 61 percent believe that there has been a net loss of jobs … Continue reading

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