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Everything Must Go!

Time for a little spring cleaning! I straightened out the office this weekend and it’s looking sharp. It might even stay that way for a day or two! But I’ve also decided to clean out the attic a bit, and … Continue reading

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A Note to John Kerry

Quit responding to the Swift Boat crap. Any thinking person with half a brain knows that they’re just a bunch of liars, funded by another group of liars. You’re demeaning yourself and the campaign by playing this stupid game with … Continue reading

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GMail Invites

It seems as though I’ve got six, count ’em, six GMail invites in my hand. Now, I’ve been using Gmail for about two months now, and I can’t say I’m overly crazy about it. At best it’s comparable to Yahoo, … Continue reading

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Digby’s Daredevils Flyer

I created a flyer for the RPG I’m planning to run, to be posted at my game/comic store, Modern Myths.

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Framing the Argument

Progressives everywhere should read this interview with linguistics professor George Lakoff. If you don’t know why progressives need to listen to a linguistics professor, you need to read the interview twice. You’ve said that progressives should never use the phrase … Continue reading

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I’m Only Going to Say This Once

But you’re gonna hear other people say it too. Scott Pilgrim has officially rocked my world. YOU GO BUY NOW

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The Fanboys of Summer

“Out on the road today, I saw a Hal Jordan sticker on a Cadillac” — Don Henley The word echoes throughout the halls of geekdom. Sometimes in hushed whispers, sometimes in shouted accusations. It’s always aimed at someone else, unless … Continue reading

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Had a nice weekend after a pretty busy workweek (hence the lack of updates). It was my birthday, which I generally don’t make much of a big deal out of, but I got some nice cards, presents, and well-wishes from … Continue reading

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