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Is Steve Jackson Stoned or Just High?

The game Illuminati from Steve Jackson Games (SJG) has been a favorite of mine ever since I first played it years ago. I played it not long ago after not having done so in quite some time, and the fun … Continue reading

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I’m a Googlewhack!

No, no, call the kids back in the room, it’s okay. Googlewhacking is a game in which you try to find two or three words which, when you put them into Google, yield only a single hit. I just got … Continue reading

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50 Beautiful People

Well, People Magazine’s annual list of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World is out and I’m number 37 on it. Ha! I kid! I couldn’t possibly be on that list, because all the most beautiful people in the … Continue reading

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Another Turkey for the Troops

I haven’t written much on politics in a while because, quite frankly, it was all making me sick. No one will be shocked to learn how much I despise Bush and his team, but no matter how low they go, … Continue reading

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LegOpinions and Previews Picks

(Note: I apologize to my readers who aren’t interested in the comics stuff. I promise I’ll have some other content up soon.) Consarn it! Two — count ’em — two major comics events in my area this weekend, and I … Continue reading

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A little after midnight, a new addition to the Schwind family arrived! Presenting Simone Arianna Schwind! Mommy and baby are doing fine: And here’s Daddy. I think Sophia hasn’t met her new sister yet: Congratulations, folks! The name “Simone,” incidentally, … Continue reading

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Open Mouth, Insert Moonboot

Much to my chagrin, a seemingly innocent posting of mine has exploded into a firestorm of controversy. Although my offering was intended as a friendly, convivial gesture towards another, it appears that other parties have been slighted in the process … Continue reading

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One Can Dream…

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