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Hey Kids! Comics!

Holy cow! My local library has all kinds of great comics stuff available through inter-library loan! The fact that this is news to me is kind of embarrassing, but I’m glad I know it. I just requested ‘Blankets’ by Paul … Continue reading

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Important Reading

Former Iraq administrator sees decades-long U.S. military presence Retired Army Lt. Gen. Jay Garner, the former interim administrator of post-conflict reconstruction efforts in Iraq, said Thursday that a U.S. military presence in Iraq should last “the next few decades,” but … Continue reading

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Survival of the Fittest?

I completely fail to understand the point of the primary in our electoral process. I know that it was supposed to take the nominations out of the hands of smoke-filled rooms and give some power to the people, which is … Continue reading

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Why It Matters (Part Two of Two)

I’ve always liked the movie Blade Runner, possibly more than I should, even though I never thought it was the utter classic that many geeks feel. There are some problems with it, but for the most part I like its … Continue reading

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Cal Thomas is a Fascist

From today’s column: What signal would it send to our highly motivated enemies should America change leaders in mid-war? One of the reasons the United States prevailed in World War II was the four terms to which Franklin D. Roosevelt … Continue reading

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Why It Matters (Part One of Two)

This is the first of two entries about two things in two movies that bug the hell out of me. I’m not a movie critic, I don’t want to be a movie critic, and I’m not a huge fan of … Continue reading

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Subtlety is a Luxury

The following is a post from a blog called South Knox Bubba. It’s a quite damning list of Bush’s actual accomplishments in office, the ones he believes he should be re-elected as a reward for achieving. Some sources and links … Continue reading

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Games. We Like ‘Em.

This weekend’s GURPS Fantasy game ended on something of a cliffhanger. Well, I suppose it doesn’t count as a cliffhanger if the person has actually already fallen off the cliff, plunged 150 feet, and died…or did he? I’ve seen enough … Continue reading

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