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Legomancer Mailbag

I wanted to comment on a few of the emails I’ve gotten lately. The whole manga thing has prompted a lot of folks to write in with suggestions of other manga for me to try. This is largely due to … Continue reading

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In Which The PS2 Awakens From Its Slumber

After almost two years of disuse (apart from playing DVDs), the Playstation 2 has once again become a bustling hive of activity! I admit that the PS2 hasn’t gotten as much use as it should. When it comes down to … Continue reading

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Trigun, the Manga

A quick comics note here. A couple of people, upon seeing that the “Trigun” manga was in my stack felt obliged to warn me about it. Hoo-boy, were they right. Trigun was one of the titles I looked at during … Continue reading

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Remember the Liberal Media?

When I was a kid, I remember seeing bumper stickers that said “Rather Biased” with the CBS “Eye” logo on it. I wondered what that was all about and my dad explained how many people felt that CBS news was … Continue reading

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No More 9/11

With the new report that the 9/11 Commission has been told it’s out of time by the Bush Administration, I think Bush forfeits his right to bring up 9/11 during the campaign. If he was the man his supporters claim … Continue reading

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My Own Manga Stack

Well, I’m hip-deep in the manga now. Not only have I bought some for me, I bought some for people for Christmas (Samurai Deeper Kyo and Chronicles of the Cursed Sword for my nephew, and Initial D for my brother-in-law.) … Continue reading

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Brr, Pee-Wee!

It’s sure cold here! Check out this frost from one of our windows! Temperatures had reached record lows in the area. Fortunately by this weekend it’s supposed to get up to the more reasonable 20s and 30s. Speaking of photos, … Continue reading

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An excerpt from my forthcoming screenplay, Zombie Romance: MARGARET: You had me at “…brains…”

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