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Happy Holidays from the Legomancer Staff

With the holidays upon us, we’ll be hither and yon. So that the staff of this site can enjoy the season with their families, Legomancer operations will be on hiatus, probably until after the first of the year or so. … Continue reading

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Recent Comic Book Reads

I took a break from my Manga-Fest to catch up on some American comics that had been building up. I find I tend not to read most of my comics as soon as I get them. Instead, I like to … Continue reading

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My Year in Movies

A few years ago, after seeing a wave of bad movies in the theater, I decided that I was probably seeing too many movies. This coincided with my student teaching, so I didn’t really have the time to go to … Continue reading

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Revenge of the King

Saw the midnight showing of Return of the King last night. The beginning was pretty good, but once the Ewoks show up, it’s all downhill.

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Random Stuff

There’s a new set of ‘Get Your War On’ cartoons by David Rees up. If you’re one of the four people that hasn’t discovered his site, check it out now. Weather here is faaaaaaaaan-tastic! After a healthy dose of snow, … Continue reading

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"We Got Him"

Congratulations to everyone involved for capturing Saddam Hussein. This is a triumph for our military and intelligence people. I’m still against the war, but as long as the mess is already there, we may as well clean it up as … Continue reading

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The Manga Project

Okay, due to a number of factors all working more or less simultaneously, I recently decided to get past my prejudices and wander into the world of manga. (Some of my prejudices…it’ll still be a cold cold day before I’m … Continue reading

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The Wild and Wacky World of Zombies!

Speaking of the Zombies 3.5 expansion set in my earlier post, I wanted to mention that, for some reason, yesterday was a very Zombieful day, especially in the chatroom I hang out in with my friends. It all started when … Continue reading

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