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Urban Legends and Me

This morning at work, a co-worker who enjoys sending all kinds of annoying stuff through the internal mail system decided to help us fight mosquitos this summer. Apparently putting bowls of water with Lemon Joy in them around your yard … Continue reading

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Still Busy

Again, too busy for a good, proper entry, but here’s some stuff to tide you over. We leave Champaign on Thursday, and begin our trek to Massachusetts. We’ll miss everyone in Champaign. It’s very sad. Our stuff left in the … Continue reading

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Why WMDs Matter

Too much to do today to post a real entry, but this story at Daily Kos is a must-read. And this entry in the comments section, from one “POd” is an absolute gem: Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Illinois), “There is a … Continue reading

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The CIA is Shooting My House With Evil Brain Rays

Yesterday I ran an errand at lunch, picked up some cardboard boxes at the hospital for packing and brought them home. I then returned to work, but decided to grab some lunch while I was out. I had a hankering … Continue reading

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Revisionist Hysteria

In a move that has left many people stunned and irony detectors across the planet sparking and smoking, Bush declared in a recent speech that he was fed up with “Revisionist Historians” who seem to feel that existing, ready-to-use weapons … Continue reading

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A Bright Future in Sales

We’ve got a lot to talk about today, so I need everyone to get in their seats and get their notebooks out. Please hold all questions until the end. The move is almost upon us. Supposedly the truck is taking … Continue reading

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A Lie Wrapped in a Falsehood Wrapped in an Untruth

Perhaps the chickens are finally coming home to roost. Finally a few people are being bothered by the fact that this country waged war on another country and sent troops into harms way to be killed for a lie. Not … Continue reading

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The Linktank!

Like many who have an internet connection on their desktop at work, any average day results in a plethora of funny, weird, informative, and fun links discovered through surfing or supplied by friends. Some of them end up being things … Continue reading

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