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Release the Kraken!

The recent cold weather hasn’t kept me from computer gaming, even in the basement where all the warm air rises away from. I admit, though, that gaming down there has required me to wear my sad little gloves with the … Continue reading

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Alternatives to "Fun-Sized"

As you know, the Apollo Moon program, among other benefits, resulted in the creation of devices that were capable of measuring fun more accurately than the previous device, the Barrel of Monkeys. Thus, the “Fun Size” candy bar demonstrated that … Continue reading

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Wrongful Convictions

Three cheers for Joe Lieberman throwing his hat in the ring as a potential candidate for the Democrats in ’04. Surely he heard the cry of the masses, saying, “Please give us the chance to vote for the part of … Continue reading

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Shooting Suspect Arrested! Also: Gaming!

We can rest easy again. The dedicated officers of the local constabulary have apprehended the scoundrel who shot someone outside of our house on New Year’s Eve. That’s quite a relief, as you can imagine. You can read all about … Continue reading

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Crime Non-Update, Legos, Visit, Beebo Attacks, Frodo’s Failure

Well, there’s no news on the New Year’s Eve shooting. The police came by Monday and asked if we’d remembered anything new, and the only newspaper coverage has been that police would really like people to call in with any … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Eve We Won’t Forget Soon

Last night (New Year’s Eve) we had not much planned. Some friends were coming over at 7:30 to watch movies or play games, hadn’t really decided which. Around 7:20 Becky and I were sitting down watching TV when we heard … Continue reading

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