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Music Videos

I’ve been downloading scads of Music Videos lately. And there’s some I’m looking for… Yes, thanks to Kazaa and WinMX, I’ve been reliving the heady days of when MTV used to actually show videos. And used to show more videos … Continue reading

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Well, all sorts of goodness is going on, and will continue to go on! Kurt helped me get the photos on the right side going on, so that’s working now. And Anna’s helped me get big plans for the right … Continue reading

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More Legomancers than you can shake a stick at.

You know, when I first started using the online nickname Legomancer, several years ago, I did a Google search on the word and had no hits at all. Not so anymore. Now there’s a new search engine in town, AlltheWeb, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new homepage!

Yes, is building a bridge to the future with its new WEBLOG format! In other news, you need a hole in your head. Click on “more” to read more. I decided I needs me a blog to record all … Continue reading

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