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AL-Qaeda Number FAR Lower Than Originally Thought

Next time some president or something tells you he needs to have enormous powers to protect you from the looming spectre of Al-Qaeda-sponsored terrorism, show him this link. FBI: Just 200 hard-core Al-Qaeda (Source: Palm Beach Post)

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The Royal Tenenbaums

For Becky’s birthday I got her the DVDs for Bottle Rocket and The Royal Tenenbaums. Along with Rushmore, this gets us all of Wes Anderson’s films on DVD. People seem to either really like Anderson or really hate him – … Continue reading

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I tried my hand at a little SQL and made up a random quote thingy in the upper left. (Well I actually cannibalized the code Kurt wrote for the random pics in the lower right.) I’m still seeding it with … Continue reading

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So the other day I’m flipping through a catalog for ‘Design Toscano.’ No idea how we got on this mailing list, because I don’t think we’ve ever ordered anything from it. Design Toscano is strictly for the gargoyle/gazing ball/gaelic chess … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Farewell, Good Luck!

Lots of recent transitions lately. Happy Birthday to George, Anna, David, and Becky! Farewell to Beth, Amy, Nigel, and Daniel, who are leaving my fair town for other places. Beth is headed for Massachusettes, and Amy, Nigel, and Daniel are … Continue reading

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Star Wars Comics

Lately I’ve been reading Star Wars comics of various types. First, there’s the “Classic Star Wars” trade paperbacks from Dark Horse, which are reprinting the old Marvel comics. Then there’s the “Classic Star Wars” trade paperbacks from Dark Horse, which … Continue reading

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Am I Game or Lame?

From the same internet that brought you Am I Hot or Not and Bush or Chimp? comes a new way to not work: Am I Game or Lame? This site pits various video games, ranging from Atari 2600 classics to … Continue reading

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No, it’s not a holy war.

During a search of a Muslim family’s home (on a suspicion of smuggling bogus checks), Agent Comedy McFunny of the Secret Service decided to leave behind his mark. He scrawled “Islam is Evil” and “Christ is King” on the family’s … Continue reading

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