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Lego Diem is Seven

“SIEBEN” by mo mo on Flickr As of today I’ve been doing my Lego blog, Lego Diem for seven years. That’s a lot of Lego. Though I switch from my own blog to a Tumblr blog a few years in, … Continue reading

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Time And Relative Dimensions in Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

There’s big news on two of my nerd fronts simultaneously. Lego announced its results for the current batch of Lego Ideas entries, and it’s something of a surprise. I’ll talk about that in a second, but first let’s talk about … Continue reading

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Lego Detective’s Office

Ever since they first came out, I have loved the Lego modular buildings — the official ones and the original ones in that style I’ve seen on Flickr. They’re pricey, though, so I’ve generally had to make do with my … Continue reading

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What I Liked in 2014

I was going to do a recap of movies, videogames, blah blah but I don’t feel like writing it and you don’t feel like reading it. Plus, I have new stuff I want to get to. So here are the … Continue reading

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I Had That! #43: Lego Space Command Center

For over a quarter-century Lego’s classic space Galaxy Explorer has loomed large in my mind (as well as the minds of many other Lego fans). It was, and is, an iconic part of my Lego childhood. But it wasn’t the … Continue reading

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NoVVember 2014: The Pit Viper

As has been sadly customary, this year I figured I was going to skip NoVVember (the annual Lego monthly “event” in which people build spaceships based on the “Vic Viper” from the videogame Gradius, which I’ve been doing since 2008) … Continue reading

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I Thought Maybe My Lego was Lousy But It’s SNOT

I was a little disappointed when my “SNOT Rocket” didn’t get a whole lot of traction on Flickr. I thought it was a pretty neat idea, and one I hadn’t seen before. Looking back at the images, though, I realized … Continue reading

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SNOT Rocket

At last the final version of this can be revealed! For the past two years I’ve been in a building slump, so to get back on track I decided to practice the basics. I’d heard that SNOT (Studs Not On … Continue reading

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