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I Have the Day Off

For Freedom.

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This Fourth of July, It is Important to Remember

Dogs don’t like fireworks. They are scary and hurt pets’ ears. Let your pup have a calm, quiet space instead of explosions.

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Boston Marathon Bombing

There’s nothing I can add here. We’ll be back tomorrow, probably.

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2012 in Review

Last year was pretty low-key for us. No huge life-changing events for us, no big challenges for us to deal with. In January I compiled the first mix CD I’d done since 2009. Remember to Close All Parentheses is a … Continue reading

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Happy 2013!


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I Suppose Eat Too

So it’s Thanksgiving Holiday for me and although Thanksgiving itself isn’t a day I care much about, I do enjoy time off! Here’s what’s on the agenda: * Play Lego Lord of the Rings on the Xbox with Becky! * … Continue reading

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A Halloween Mystery

Why do all plastic vampire fangs have only three incisors between the canines? Do the manufacturers not have something they can reference? Something maybe in their mouths?

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Birthday Celebratin’

It’s my birthday, so I took the day off from work and will be playing Fallout 3 instead. Also posting this phenomenal picture of me from, like 1998 or so.

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