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Zazzle Thinks Someone Owns the Mathematical Symbol “pi”.

I’m a creative genius, so I periodically have designed t-shirts that nobody buys. For a while I was creating them on Zazzle, one of many print-on demand sites for shirts, mugs, and other printable stuff. Yesterday I got a notice … Continue reading

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This is What Passes for Political Engagement in America

This is a friend of a friend, talking about that Nevada Rancher nonsense. “It’s called Civil Disobedience, and it’s protected under the law.”

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For An Extra Ten Bucks, We Won’t Release Hornets Into the Cabin!

The other day we made our plans for our usual holiday trip to visit family (the same type of trip that people oddly refer to as “flying home”…I don’t have to fly home because I live at home.) Today I … Continue reading

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Voice of the Be-Hived

Remember on October 1, when I said I’d had a weird allergic reaction and was breaking out in hives? Yeah, that is STILL going on.

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The Blue Lines Blues

I’m still not at a point where regular blogging is going to be happening, though I have some topics I plan to discuss. However, I’m still regularly on Twitter. For the longest time my Twitter app of choice was Echofon. … Continue reading

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So, I Didn’t Go Last Night

Lately the Internet has been flooded with people trying to explain introversion to you. Here’s something that gets left out. Introversion is when you have a chance to see your friend perform and you can’t do it because you just … Continue reading

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No Laffs Today

and tomorrow won’t be a joke-fest either.

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Hey, Where’s the Replacements?

A couple months ago Google announced that, in order to focus on useless social network wannabes (Seriously, Google, you know how absurd commercials for Bing are? That’s how Google Plus ads look.) they were ditching their venerable Google Reader site, … Continue reading

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