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You Don’t Need a Handout From the Government, You Need Your Hands Up for the LORD

Please send this link to all your grandmothers and sisters-in-laws.

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The Phone Game Sensation That’s Sweeping the Nation!

Can anyone get past Level 10 on Flappy Cappy?

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Dungeon Questing Since Small Times

I’m trying to finish up a project at work, so for the moment all you’re getting is a picture I’ll explain later.

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In Case You Care, I Have an Instagram Now

It’s here. So far it’s mainly just photos of boardgames I’m playing.

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Final Volume Fan Art!

Pal Nigel provides his interpretation of the assassinated Chief Justice Leroy “Encyclopedia” Brown from my fan-fiction, The Final Volume.

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Potato Print Lincoln

Cory McAbbe is a musician, filmmaker, actor, and artist that my pal James got me into. I’ve seen his movies The American Astronaut and Stingray Sam, both of which are musicals, and enjoyed the movies and the music. He’s talented, … Continue reading

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Cappy’s 2013 in Pictures

I was going to do My 2013 in iPad Games but I’m kind of tired of this and I don’t have a whole lot to add to this, this, this, and this. So here’s 2013 in images of Cappy. One … Continue reading

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Cappy and His Coat

I don’t think you folks have seen Cappy’s coat yet! Becky found this dapper-looking coat for him somewhere and adjusted it for him (his barrel chest meant the straps had to be let out a bit.) Cappy loves it. He … Continue reading

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