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Letting Go of God

You may remember Julia Sweeney from Saturday Night Live or some of the movies she’s been in. She’s also a monologuist and author, and I listened to her album, Letting Go of God yesterday. It’s a deeply moving (and very … Continue reading

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Perhaps She’s Just a Big Thomas Friedman Fan

Co-host of “The View”, Sherri Sheppherd, doesn’t believe in evolution*. Turns out she also doesn’t know — not off-hand, anyway — if the Earth is flat. Oy. — * — I hate this phrase. In the “showdown” between a well-established … Continue reading

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Incidentally, the Publisher Assumes No Liability for Any Claims Expressed in the Articles or Advertisements!

Are you feeling poorly? Not necessarily ill, but not particularly healthy? Are you down in the dumps, or merely lacking in get up and go? Is there something wrong that you can’t quite put your finger on? If it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Please Discuss

Ganked from here.

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Narnia and Tattooine Placed on Warning List

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Sociopaths for Jesus!

Think the recent upsurge in Middle East violence is a bad thing? Then you’re obviously not waiting for Jesus to come back! Here on the Rapture Ready message board, a few people can’t wait to hear about more violence! Here … Continue reading

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The Atheist Replies

A couple weeks ago I solicited questions from people who’d like to know how an atheist — or this one, at least — would respond to them. I started out with some based on blog and forum postings I’ve seen, … Continue reading

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Questions for the Atheist?

After seeing yet another inaccurate straw-man portrayal of how an atheist thinks over on a blog somewhere, I decided to actually share with anyone who’s curious exactly how this atheist thinks. So I’m taking your questions, which you can leave … Continue reading

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