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The Ugly Atheism

Not long ago several people at satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo were murdered by men claiming to be Islamic fundamentalists, offended by the magazine’s anti-Islam cartoons. CNN’s entire website was practically devoted to this one event, hitting every possible angle … Continue reading

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U Believin’ AWFUL

In the late 90s the world held its breath as it watched a dog try to become a rap star. That dog’s name was PaRappa the Rapper, and his quest for rap perfection captivated the imagination of everyone on the … Continue reading

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Come a Long Way

When I wrote about Orson Scott Card not long ago, I was doing so from a position of comfort. I’m not a fan of his books, had not really thought about him in the recent past in any context other … Continue reading

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Wait, Benedict

You think YOU’RE tired of the Papacy?

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Sharia By Any Other Name

For a while now a lot of folks on the Right have been concerned about “creeping Sharia”, the fear that Islamic law will take root in America. Bills have been put before states and the Federal government “banning” Sharia law, … Continue reading

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Hawking Atheism

By now you’ve heard that Stephen Hawking has caused an absolute pandemic of the vapors by boldly declaring there is no Heaven. Lots of people have been saying this for some time, but for some reason this has really got … Continue reading

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ToMAYto, ToMAHto

This story got a lot of traction last week: Ahmadinejad allies charged with sorcery There was a lot of “Ho ho, look how backwards and superstitious those nutty Muslims are! Djinns! The very idea is absurd!” But let’s not be … Continue reading

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This is My Only Wish

That the Christians and Muslims who want to kill each other would be content with only killing each other. If that were the case, I’d happily leave them to it.

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