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Doctor Who Season 7: Cold War

I wasn’t going to say much more about this season of Doctor Who because there wasn’t much point in it and because who wants to read the same complaints over and over? But I’m breaking that to comment on “Cold … Continue reading

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I Was Going to Write About the Fourth Season of ‘Justified’

but I don’t really have anything to say about it. It was pretty good!

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Doctor Who Gives a Damn

This weekend, Doctor Who returns. Here’s a trailer of what’s in store: There’s also this “prequel”, which sets off the purpose behind the upcoming half-season and features a surprising twist ending you’ll nev– oh you figured it out. Obviously it’s … Continue reading

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Architect of the Daleks

One of the first things a Doctor Who fan has to contend with is hilarious Dalek jokes. “HA HA STAIRS LOL” and “OMG SALT SHAKER” and “LMAO PLUNGER”, all shrieked out but people who prefer the more sane and pragmatic … Continue reading

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I’d Prefer Less Moriarty

The other TV show we’ve been watching lately is Elementary, the Americanized modernization of Sherlock Holmes, with Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Watson. While it’s true that there isn’t a whole lot to distinguish the show … Continue reading

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I Seen All That on the Tee Vee

I should talk about the inauguration today, or maybe MLK, but instead I’m here to tell you what I’ve been watching on TV. This is what it looks like when Raylan puts on the One Ring. The biggest news is … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: The Snowmen

It’s the Doctor Who Christmas Special, only this time it’s much more than just a Christmas special: there’s a new TARDIS interior and a new companion! Also the return of some fan-favorite characters and an old enemy. What did I … Continue reading

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Project UFO: The Desert Springs Incident

This is the eighth episode in the first season of Project UFO. There are 13 total episodes in season one and 13 more in season two. Yes, this painful drudgery got renewed. And friends, I just don’t know if I … Continue reading

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