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X-Files, Season Two

Still would. The X-Files re-viewing project continues, though it’s undergone some changes. Season two is done. This is the season where the Conspiracy arc takes off, and as a result, I’m hopping off board, at least of those episodes. I … Continue reading

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X-Files, Season One

Me watching the episode “Young at Heart”. Not long ago I started rewatching The X-Files for some reason. It was just a whim and I didn’t think I’d stick to it for long, but yesterday I finished the first season. … Continue reading

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Re-Opening the X-Files

I’m not sure what happened, but last week I lost my damn mind and started watching The X-Files on Netflix Watch Instantly. Started with the pilot episode (originally aired on September 10, 1993) and I’ve slowly been going through the … Continue reading

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The Most Subversive Show on Network Television

Lately we’ve been enjoying possibly the most subversive show on network television. It’s a show that’s breaking all the rules, challenging all the paradigms, clasting all the icons. Every time I watch it I’m amazed they let it on the … Continue reading

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Justified Season 5 Wrap-Up (Spoilers Galore!)

Left to Right: Interesting character pointlessly killed, interesting character pointlessly killed, Boyd Crowder. About halfway through this season of Justified I was thinking it was going to go down with season two as one of the best ever. My prediction … Continue reading

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True Detective

SPOILER FREE PART Like everyone else, I heard a lot about True Detective. Almost too much. It sounded interesting, and I was ready to watch when it got to Netflix or whatever, but it looked like time was against me. … Continue reading

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My 2013 in Television

I’m prone to saying a lot of junk about Doctor Who, but one of the most untrue statements I’ve made is that I care about it so much and get so infuriated with it because it’s the only TV I … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: The Last Temptation of the Doctor

So here we are, at the purported endgame (one can only hope) to a storyline that’s been spinning along for three seasons now. The problem with storylines that last an entire season or more is, what if your storyline is … Continue reading

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