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What I Liked in 2014

I was going to do a recap of movies, videogames, blah blah but I don’t feel like writing it and you don’t feel like reading it. Plus, I have new stuff I want to get to. So here are the … Continue reading

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New Danger 5!!!

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Twin Peaks

Last night we finished up the TV run of Twin Peaks. It was a lot of fun, even as it lost its way. The sprawling cast meant that even if I was currently stuck in one of the particularly terrible … Continue reading

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I’m Finally Getting Around to Trying That Gum You Like

It changed the shape of dramatic (and non-dramatic) television, its influence reverberates through pop culture to this day, and people still make references to it. Yet, I’ve never actually seen Twin Peaks. When it was in its heyday, I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Sleepy Hollow Needs to Get Back on Point

Season two of Sleepy Hollow started off almost exactly the way I wanted it to: going full-tilt crazy. What I love about the show was how much of it is forward momentum and how little time it spends dithering around. … Continue reading

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X-Files, Season Two

Still would. The X-Files re-viewing project continues, though it’s undergone some changes. Season two is done. This is the season where the Conspiracy arc takes off, and as a result, I’m hopping off board, at least of those episodes. I … Continue reading

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X-Files, Season One

Me watching the episode “Young at Heart”. Not long ago I started rewatching The X-Files for some reason. It was just a whim and I didn’t think I’d stick to it for long, but yesterday I finished the first season. … Continue reading

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Re-Opening the X-Files

I’m not sure what happened, but last week I lost my damn mind and started watching The X-Files on Netflix Watch Instantly. Started with the pilot episode (originally aired on September 10, 1993) and I’ve slowly been going through the … Continue reading

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