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The “Culture” Culture, or Yossarian’s Deal

When I was younger, the newspaper would do that thing where schoolkids would draw pictures of their dads for Father’s Day or send in letters to Santa Claus or directions for how to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving and the … Continue reading

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The First Law of Rock-Em, Sock-Em Robotics

A robot may neither rock nor sock a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to be rocked or socked.

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This post is about the concept of social togetherness. For other uses, see Community (disambiguation). I first dialed up a BBS in 1983. I’ve been a part of online communities of one sort of other ever since. I was into … Continue reading

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Today’s Deep Thought

“FAIL”, “WIN’, and “meh” are three words that tell me right away not to pay any attention to you.

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Today’s Deep Thought (was: Today’s Stupid Irritant)

If you can’t convey meaning with words alone, you don’t need emoticons. You need to learn how to write.

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Man, this week! So here are my answers to the questions I asked. If you could own the entirety of a single magazine’s run, which magazine would it be and why? A couple of answers here, but only if they … Continue reading

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Is the fact that Sam Adams’ Octoberfest is now available 1) awesome or 2) really awesome. I was going to tell you about my trip today but I have far too much catching up to do with work. I’ll have … Continue reading

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This is always good: tell us about the worst physical pain you ever felt.

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