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I Think We’re Done Here

I’m sorry, folks. I tried, I really did. I was really trying to fire up the old blog machine again, but it’s not taking. I made a list of things to write about and I just can’t get myself interested … Continue reading

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It’s Friday, but the fact that this blog’s thirteenth birthday is actually tomorrow keeps things from being total bad luck. Saturdays are slow around here, so we’ll celebrate a day early. Thanks for reading, those who still do!

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I Played That! Now Has a Table of Contents

Just click on the above image to LOAD “$”, 8, 1.

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The Graveyard of Dead Website Features

It’s occurred to me that I used to have a number of regular or semi-regular “features” on this site that have kind of fallen by the wayside. Rather than just have them disappear unmourned, I thought I’d take a look … Continue reading

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Snow Week

I really didn’t intend to not post anything else this week, but I have a project at work that’s gobbling up my time. I’ve been busy, but it’s a good kind of busy, and it’s nearing the end. So I … Continue reading

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2013 Blog Stats

Let’s once again look at my incredibly inaccurate and unimpressive blog stats for 2013, along with some of the highlights of the year. January 5839 unique visitors. We start out with the most popular post of the month, where I … Continue reading

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An End to the Silence

The situation here has gotten a lot better, and I’m a lot less stressed out and feeling much better. Normal blogging, for whatever that’s worth (and assuming I still have even the small audience I had before) will return on … Continue reading

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Low Content Mode

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been kind of coasting here for some time. Without going into too many specifics, it’s been a rough, stressful summer. We’re all pretty worn out and exhausted here. I’ve done some boardgaming and some comics … Continue reading

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