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It’s a Great Time to be Rich in America!

If you’re lucky enough to be super wealthy in America, this is your time to shine! Here are some of the opportunities available to you: Wreck a State’s Entire Economy So You Can Make a Few More Bucks! The tax … Continue reading

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Rasputin and the NSA

I used to know a guy we’ll call “Rasputin”. That wasn’t his real name, but his real name was similarly odd and mystical. A different former friend of mine (and yes, I’m aware how many of those have stacked up) … Continue reading

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Something to Think About

I was reading an article recently about the Koch brothers, and their bankrolling of various “grassroots” organizations designed to make middle-class (and lower) people angry at anyone poorer than them on behalf of the millionaires who are exploiting them all. … Continue reading

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Life in These United States

We start with Nancy, who works at McDonald’s. Since she makes minimum wage (defined as, “We’d pay you less if it wasn’t illegal.”), she can’t make ends meet, even though she has a job. This is what the McDonald’s “McResources” … Continue reading

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Abnormal is the New Normal

I know I’ve muttered about the shutdown for the past few days, but that wasn’t out of laziness or busy-ness, just out of fatigue. I thought if I tried not to pay attention it would go away, and my country’s … Continue reading

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Took Me Far Too Long to Realize This

The government shutdown doesn’t have a goal. It is the goal.

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Remember When This was Just a Thinly Veiled Metaphor and Not a Literal Depiction of a Political Situation?

Do I even need to add any text to it?

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So the war drums are banging again, though softly this time. Which Middle Eastern country did the wheel land on? Syria! Which, of course, means “Iran”. Iran is where the wheel always lands these days, about every couple years or … Continue reading

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