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We May Be Torturers, But At Least We Admit It

Q: What is simultaneously nonexistent, no big deal, vital to national security, worth doing because the victims were evil, and all in the past anyway so who cares? A: Why, the CIA torture report, of course! It was released yesterday … Continue reading

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My Proposal for a Post-Racial America

Recent events have aggravated the constant open would of race in America. They haven’t ripped off the bandages or the scab because neither has ever been really applied. There is a deep racial divide in this country, and its effects … Continue reading

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And Now a Message From America’s Rulers

Remember “Occupy Wall Street”? Yeah, well that shit’s not going to happen again.

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Vote YES on Question 3 and Stop Casinos

It should be a simple question to answer. You’re a casino company wanting to build a casino in Springfield. You’re claiming that it will massively help the city’s economy. A citizen asks, “Can you give me an example of a … Continue reading

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If You’re So Smart, Why Don’t You Have Your Own Plane?

Last week a story was making the rounds about two airline passengers who got thrown off a plane following a heated dispute about seat reclining. Seat reclining on airplanes is one of those taboo subjects you should not bring up … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Ferguson

The situation in Ferguson, MO, has gotten incredible. What started as a tragic and calamitous incident has blown up into a firestorm of jaw-dropping outrageousness. At every single decision point the authorities in the city opted to take a path … Continue reading

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The City that Sold a School to a Casino

When the tornado hit Springfield in 2001, the Howard Street School was damaged beyond use. The city, being broke, couldn’t afford to fix it up. The same thing happened to the South End Community Center. Without the money to repair … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby

Today, in a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court stated that religious belief (backed with a lot of cash) is more important than actual scientific and medical fact. Hobby Lobby, a chain of craft stores, decided it didn’t want to cover … Continue reading

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