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Southern Culture on the Skids

We all know now that a week ago Dylann Roof went into a predominantly black church in South Carolina and murdered nine people. He flat-out told them his reason for doing so (they were black), he had a manifesto and … Continue reading

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Let the Bums Count Their Blessings, While They Count the Money

Yesterday the United Kingdom decided to do the same thing we’ve been doing for some time over here: elect a bunch of nationalistic, greedy, ignorant, hateful racists into power. No, UKIP didn’t win, but the Conservatives did, and let’s face … Continue reading

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If You’re So Smart, Why Don’t You Have Your Own Plane?

Last week a story was making the rounds about two airline passengers who got thrown off a plane following a heated dispute about seat reclining. Seat reclining on airplanes is one of those taboo subjects you should not bring up … Continue reading

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You Can’t Declare War on Women, We’re ALREADY at War with Them

We started out Memorial Day with the latest mass-shooting by a legally-armed lone-nut. What set this case aside from the others was the alleged trigger and target for Elliot Rodger: he was a “nice guy” who was furious that women … Continue reading

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Newsweek Examines Conspiracy Theories, For a Change

Remember Newsweek? It used to be a news magazine, but they magazined so poorly that they were just a website until recently. They’re back in print, and here’s the latest cover: (I’d like to point out that the JPG artifacts … Continue reading

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Rasputin and the NSA

I used to know a guy we’ll call “Rasputin”. That wasn’t his real name, but his real name was similarly odd and mystical. A different former friend of mine (and yes, I’m aware how many of those have stacked up) … Continue reading

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Took Me Far Too Long to Realize This

The government shutdown doesn’t have a goal. It is the goal.

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Remember When This was Just a Thinly Veiled Metaphor and Not a Literal Depiction of a Political Situation?

Do I even need to add any text to it?

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