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America is a Nation of Cowards

Following the horrific attacks in Paris on Friday, the United States has responded the way the world has come to rely on the USA responding: losing their absolute shit. The bodies were still on the Parisian ground when outraged Americans … Continue reading

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Work Harder, Not Better-Remunerated

With fourteen “major” candidates announced and a few more impending, the Republican field for President in 2016 has been described as a “clown car”. That’s funny and all, but at least they don’t have their party deciding that if they … Continue reading

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How About This Flag Instead?

Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide It’s a great day for love!

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Southern Culture on the Skids

We all know now that a week ago Dylann Roof went into a predominantly black church in South Carolina and murdered nine people. He flat-out told them his reason for doing so (they were black), he had a manifesto and … Continue reading

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Let the Bums Count Their Blessings, While They Count the Money

Yesterday the United Kingdom decided to do the same thing we’ve been doing for some time over here: elect a bunch of nationalistic, greedy, ignorant, hateful racists into power. No, UKIP didn’t win, but the Conservatives did, and let’s face … Continue reading

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Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

This week the world was horrified when gunmen burst into the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and killed 11 people, including four of the cartoonists. Charlie Hebdo had previously been a target of violence by people who claimed … Continue reading

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It’s Always Nice When Someone Else is Embarrassed by David Duke

The first election where I got to pick a governor for Louisiana was between David Duke and Edwin Edwards in 1991. It’s a small wonder that I’ve never gotten too zazzed about voting. This was just after Duke stopped being … Continue reading

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The Blue Wall

Growing up near New Orleans in the 70s and 80s, when the police force there was one of the most corrupt in the country, I learned to at the very least distrust police. I had some run-ins with them that … Continue reading

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