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I Had That! #26: Aiwa HS-T06 Tape Player

This installment of “I Had That!” (the halfway point, it should be noted) might be more aptly titled, “I Think I Had That?” because I’m not 100% certain this is in fact the item in question: my first portable tape … Continue reading

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Five Songs: Fleet Foxes, Tiamat, Dance for the Dying, Paradise Lost, Bastille

Way back in October I asked folks here, on Twitter, and on Facebook, to supply me with five songs they want me to listen to. I dutifully collected the lists and then ignored them for months. A couple of people … Continue reading

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It Might Have Been Better Without All that Dialogue and Action and Sound Effects and Visuals

I watched The World’s End the other day, a sort of bonus movie amid all these other movies I’ve been watching. It was okay. The best thing about it was the soundtrack, a collection of great tracks from the early … Continue reading

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Let’s Look at the Record: Some Great Reward

Depeche Mode, and this, their fourth album, cannot be overstated in the development of my musical taste or self. For a long time I had liked some bands, and had some albums, but didn’t really have any favorites that stuck … Continue reading

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If You Weren’t In My Kitchen This Morning

You missed me singing this song like Elvis Costello.

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My Weird Musical Memories of the 70s: 1976

It’s strange that after some solid memories of 1975, there isn’t much I can say about ’76. I certainly know a lot of the songs, but I don’t have nearly as many specific memories about them. 1977 also has a … Continue reading

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And the Best Album of 2013 is…

Joy: 1967-1990, by Ultra Vivid Scene (same as it’s been for 23 years now.)

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Arcade Fire: Reflektor

I pre-ordered the new Arcade Fire album, Reflektor, and it released on October 28. Between the first event and the second, I heard the first single off of it, the title track, and it sort of…gave me pause. The new … Continue reading

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