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I Had That! #29: Depeche Mode “Live in Hamburg” Poster

Mentioning this item is probably overkill. The band Depeche Mode and the influence it had on me growing up has been well covered multiple times, so I don’t know what more I can say here that will add much. Sure, … Continue reading

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I Had That! #26: Aiwa HS-T06 Tape Player

This installment of “I Had That!” (the halfway point, it should be noted) might be more aptly titled, “I Think I Had That?” because I’m not 100% certain this is in fact the item in question: my first portable tape … Continue reading

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Five Songs: Fleet Foxes, Tiamat, Dance for the Dying, Paradise Lost, Bastille

Way back in October I asked folks here, on Twitter, and on Facebook, to supply me with five songs they want me to listen to. I dutifully collected the lists and then ignored them for months. A couple of people … Continue reading

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It Might Have Been Better Without All that Dialogue and Action and Sound Effects and Visuals

I watched The World’s End the other day, a sort of bonus movie amid all these other movies I’ve been watching. It was okay. The best thing about it was the soundtrack, a collection of great tracks from the early … Continue reading

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Let’s Look at the Record: Some Great Reward

Depeche Mode, and this, their fourth album, cannot be overstated in the development of my musical taste or self. For a long time I had liked some bands, and had some albums, but didn’t really have any favorites that stuck … Continue reading

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If You Weren’t In My Kitchen This Morning

You missed me singing this song like Elvis Costello.

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My Weird Musical Memories of the 70s: 1976

It’s strange that after some solid memories of 1975, there isn’t much I can say about ’76. I certainly know a lot of the songs, but I don’t have nearly as many specific memories about them. 1977 also has a … Continue reading

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And the Best Album of 2013 is…

Joy: 1967-1990, by Ultra Vivid Scene (same as it’s been for 23 years now.)

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