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Is This the End of Couch to 5K???

Five months ago I started what for me was a pretty audacious project: Couch to 5K. It’s a nine-week program designed to get you from a lazy slob to being able to run a 5K. Nine weeks is the minimum … Continue reading

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The Symbol Can be an S with THREE Lines Through It, Something Really Next Level

By now you’ve probably heard of Martin Shkreli, a hedge fund parasite who decided to take some time off from contributing nothing to the human race to instead actively interfere with it. He bought the rights to a drug used … Continue reading

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I Signed Up for a 5K!

This morning I ran 2.47 miles in 25 minutes. That’s pretty significant because shortly after my last update I hit a big slump. I’d run for 20 minutes twice but suddenly I could barely go 12. I got really frustrated … Continue reading

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Week Five Done, After Only Three Months

This morning was a big day for my ongoing Couch to 5K project. I finally finished Week Five. When we last spoke, two months ago, I had finished Week One. After that I made slow but steady progress. For most … Continue reading

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You Should Win Things By Watching!

There’s an article making the rounds now about big Hollywood action movies becoming impenetrable messes with sprawling, convoluted plots. I haven’t seen enough of these movies to have much of an opinion on them, but I’m pretty familiar with this … Continue reading

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We Can’t Have Nice Things, Unless We Make Sure Some People Have Nicer Things

Back in April, a Seattle-based company called Gravity Payments did something novel. The CEO took a $930,000 pay cut in order to raise the minimum salary of all the workers to $70,000 a year. How did that work out for … Continue reading

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Mr Burns: A Post-Electric Play by Anne Washburn

Friday night we headed up to Northampton for ice cream and culture. The ice cream was Herrell’s, the culture was Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play at the New Century Theater at Smith College. The play is written by Anne Washburn … Continue reading

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Well, He IS a Dog

Last week was a hell of a week, with a lot of ups and downs, but what helped really rocket it off was on Tuesday night, when I let Cappy out for a last call and realized he was up … Continue reading

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