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Today this blog is twelve. I’m still very flattered that I get even the modest amount of regular hits to it. Thanks for reading my foolishness, and sometimes even linking to it for others!

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The City that Sold a School to a Casino

When the tornado hit Springfield in 2001, the Howard Street School was damaged beyond use. The city, being broke, couldn’t afford to fix it up. The same thing happened to the South End Community Center. Without the money to repair … Continue reading

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Space Cabbie by Kyle Starks

I met Kyle Starks at Heroes Con last year, where I bought a copy of his graphic novel, The Legend of Ricky Thunder. It was a lot of fun, and he was a cool guy, so I knew I wanted … Continue reading

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I Had That! #23: Doctor Who Target Novelizations

When I first got into Doctor Who in 1981, it wasn’t a terrible time to be a fan. Though merchandise was thin on the ground, it was starting to come in. Unlike fans even a few years earlier, you didn’t … Continue reading

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This Delicious Week

Shared bookmarks for delicious user legomancer Doctor Who Titles Concept | Billy Hanshaw – Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Illustrator, Image Manipulator Designer For a portfolio piece, this guy made an alternate title sequence for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who, and it’s … Continue reading

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House Blend

Written by me, drawn by the incomparable Calamity Jon Morris!

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I Had That! #22: Qonto

(For today’s “I Had That”, I’m reposting part of a blog post from two years ago today which is perfect for this feature.) Not long ago, during a busy work day, I posted this picture: I wanted to say more … Continue reading

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This Delicious Week

Shared bookmarks for delicious user legomancer Board Gaming’s Vanishing History | The Rumpus Room It really is a shame that a game as great as El Grande simply cannot be bought at the moment. Tagged as: [games] Losing Sparta | … Continue reading

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