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I Played That! Now Has a Table of Contents

Just click on the above image to LOAD “$”, 8, 1.

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Mad Max: Fury Road

Confession: I’ve never seen all of a Mad Max movie. I started watching the original, but ten slow minutes of unintelligible mumbling nixed that. Not having seen it, I didn’t go for The Road Warrior, presented as a sequel. Mad … Continue reading

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Spoilers for Alien (1979), If You Can Call Them That

I was recently re-watching Alien, and something is bugging me. I know, I know, benefit of hindsight and all that, but how did the crew of the Nostromo (and the audience) not know that Ash was an android? In nearly … Continue reading

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Well, at Least I Didn’t Throw Up

This weekend I went out and bought possibly the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. They’re running shoes for running and they were on sale. I was going to get a cheaper pair, but they didn’t have those … Continue reading

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I Played That! #11: Ultima IV, V, and VI (C64, PC)

Because of my love for Ultima III, I bought Ultima IV as soon as I could. Ultima IV would radically change the Ultima series forever, and in a better world we don’t live in, it would have changed all of … Continue reading

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The Day Job

Here’s what I’ve been working on for about a week. I was translating a query from the Oracle system to SQL Server. The query referred to three different tables I also had to translate, and one of those required a … Continue reading

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What’s on the TV, Dave?

Elementary is about to end its season, and Justified is completely done. Doctor Who is, as far as I’m concerned, on indefinite hiatus, and Sleepy Hollow has been all but forgotten by nearly everyone I know who couldn’t praise it … Continue reading

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