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My Movies-to-Watch List for 2015

A year ago I decided to tackle my aversion to movies by creating a list of ten movies I would watch before the end of the year. I sort of failed at that because I only got through six of … Continue reading

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The Fallen Canon of Boardgames

This is something I’ve been thinking about and I’m finding it hard to articulate without it just sounding like old man griping (which it may well be). It’s pretty inside baseball stuff, so if you’re not heavily into boardgames, here’s … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Season Eight, Part One

Last year saw the first season of Doctor Who featuring Peter Capaldi in the title role. I didn’t see it, though. After the abysmal 2013 episode that said goodbye to Matt Smith I cried “Uncle!” I couldn’t take the heartbreak … Continue reading

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I Had That! #49: Blip and Digital Diamond

The digital revolution provided by Atari and the arcades caught some toy manufacturers off guard. While Mattel flourished in the new market with its “Mattel Electronics” games and Parker Brothers had some nice offerings, Tomy kind of lagged behind, aiming … Continue reading

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Let’s All Appreciate Tanya Donelly!

Monday morning Becky was listening to the first Belly CD, Star. Belly was Tanya Donelly’s band after she left Throwing Muses. It’s a great album (as is their second album, King) and before long I was under a Belly spell. … Continue reading

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The Movies-To-Watch List: Apocalypse Now (1979)

“It’s impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror.” That line, sampled at the beginning of a remix of Shriekback’s “Nemesis”, was much of all I knew of Apocalypse Now. … Continue reading

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Lego Detective’s Office

Ever since they first came out, I have loved the Lego modular buildings — the official ones and the original ones in that style I’ve seen on Flickr. They’re pricey, though, so I’ve generally had to make do with my … Continue reading

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i/we am/are a/some being/s of pure light now/always

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