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Strange Romance vol 2

I have a five-page story in the Strange Romance vol 2 anthology! The lovely watercolor art is by JoJo Seames. The book is available digitally through Comixology, and for only five bucks you get 17 entire stories by a great … Continue reading

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BOO! Halloween Stories 2016

My first published comics piece is available for purchase! BOO! Halloween Stories 2016 is available from Comixology (it’s digital only). 65 pages for two bucks, and I wrote four of those pages! The esteemed Joe Hunter did the artwork and … Continue reading

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The Takahashi Job

THE TAKAHASHI JOB (2015) Comic written by me, with art by Dave Hotstream. This was for an anthology of heist-themed comics that ended up not happening, but I like it too much for people not to see it.

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I Think We’re Done Here

I’m sorry, folks. I tried, I really did. I was really trying to fire up the old blog machine again, but it’s not taking. I made a list of things to write about and I just can’t get myself interested … Continue reading

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The Cool New Music Chronicles: Les Pommes Sont Rouges et Je Suis Désolé

LES POMMES SONT ROUGES ET JE SUIS DÉSOLÉ (September, 2015)   The older you get, the less things change. It had been three years since my previous mix CD, and my life was more or less exactly as it was … Continue reading

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I Played That! #40: Commander Keen (PC)

Around 1990, an interesting thing happened in the videogame world. While large companies battled endlessly against software pirates, a new distribution model appeared that embraced the idea of people copying and downloading their work. It was called “shareware”, and the … Continue reading

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Pandemic: Legacy: A Boardgame With Spoilers (No Spoilers Here)

Tonight we’ll try to save the world again, but it’s getting tougher and tougher. Matt, Satoko, Becky, and I will once again race against time to prevent the spread of four deadly diseases, as the world crumbles around us. Specifically, … Continue reading

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mega-Mega-MEGA CIV ((…iv…iv…iv…))

On Saturday I participated in a gaming…event, one could say. A game of Mega-Civilization (MC). We had nine players and were there for 14 hours (though only 12 was actual gameplay time.) This could have been a nightmare for me, … Continue reading

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