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I Have No Shame

Here’s a shirt you can not buy.

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We Can Be Happy Underground, a Fallout Shelter Review

Like many others, I have been playing the iOS game, Fallout Shelter, a free-to-play game put out by Bethesda to help pass the time until November 10th, when Fallout 4 is released. Fallout Shelter is a Tamagotchi of a “game”. … Continue reading

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I Played That! #17: Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (PC)

Arcanum was the first game from Troika Games, a studio formed by developers of Fallout. It too is an isometric RPG, but this time set in a fantasy world. What sets it apart from a million other fantasy RPGs was … Continue reading

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My Tweek on Twitter

What I did this week (and the week before!) on Twitter, the website you grew up with. * BEST OF THE WEEK imo "How come black people get to use the n-word but white people only get to own the … Continue reading

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How About This Flag Instead?

Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide It’s a great day for love!

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Southern Culture on the Skids

We all know now that a week ago Dylann Roof went into a predominantly black church in South Carolina and murdered nine people. He flat-out told them his reason for doing so (they were black), he had a manifesto and … Continue reading

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Space Cabby by Chad Bowers

It was pretty damn hot in Charlotte during HeroesCon, and walking around in a polyester jumpsuit and dress shirt was probably not the best idea. If only I had thought to base my costume on Space Cabby’s summer outfit! Chad … Continue reading

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Space Cabby by Sean Wang

HeroesCon means Space Cabbies, and here’s one of the new ones! Sean Wang is the creator of Runners, a fun and fresh science fiction comic about a bunch of smugglers just trying to make a buck in a seemingly hostile … Continue reading

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