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Five Songs: Fleet Foxes, Tiamat, Dance for the Dying, Paradise Lost, Bastille

Way back in October I asked folks here, on Twitter, and on Facebook, to supply me with five songs they want me to listen to. I dutifully collected the lists and then ignored them for months. A couple of people … Continue reading

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Have I Ranted About Nerds Yet This Year? I Have? Oh Well.

Once again it’s time to tell the men of the Internet not to threaten to rape and murder people. You’d think that this only needs to be said a few times, if at all, but nope, the message still hasn’t … Continue reading

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This is What Passes for Political Engagement in America

This is a friend of a friend, talking about that Nevada Rancher nonsense. “It’s called Civil Disobedience, and it’s protected under the law.”

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If a Game Doesn’t Let You Adjust Blade Tang on Swordsman Units, Is It Really a Civilization Game?

The game I have been playing lately on the iPad is Civilization Revolution. This is a big honkin’ deal for me. Back in college, I gave the original Civilization computer game a spin, but I was terrible at it. Once … Continue reading

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Justified Season 5 Wrap-Up (Spoilers Galore!)

Left to Right: Interesting character pointlessly killed, interesting character pointlessly killed, Boyd Crowder. About halfway through this season of Justified I was thinking it was going to go down with season two as one of the best ever. My prediction … Continue reading

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I Had That! #11: Beyond Earth: Man’s Contact With UFOs

Like any nerd growing up in the 70s I was fascinated by UFOs. The decade’s love for all things woo, coupled with books from Eric Von Däniken had resulted in a resurgence in the phenomenon, resulting in all kinds of … Continue reading

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This Delicious Week

Shared bookmarks for delicious user legomancer The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now This is worth changing your passwords over. Tagged as: [security tech web] Wikipedia-size maths proof too big for humans to check – … Continue reading

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Dave Finally Watches: The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

I say “finally” watches because this has been in the theaters for a couple of weeks now (I was surprised that it hadn’t been shoved out to open up another screen for Captain Hobbit: The Hunger Transformer) and I hadn’t … Continue reading

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