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I Played That! #26: SimCity 2000 (PC)

The original SimCity was a game I played a lot of, even though I found it tough. I don’t do so well at games where I have to manage a lot of different things at once, preferring instead to have … Continue reading

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State of the Blog

No, there hasn’t been an update here in a while. I don’t know when that will change. Part of it is that I’ve been really focusing at work. A big project was handed to me and I’m working on it … Continue reading

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I Played That! #25: Conqueror (TRS-80)

Either my memory has failed me or the Internet has. In high school, the GT (Gifted and Talented) room was where we hung out. GT at my school was a joke; we didn’t do anything in there except goof off, … Continue reading

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Goodbye iTunes, Hello Plex

We still have two big bookcases full of CDs — those disks music used to come on — in our TV room. And we have a CD changer with a jambox hooked up to it in the hall. That’s our … Continue reading

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I Played That! #24: Might and Magic I-V (PC)

I picked up the first Might & Magic game, Secret of the Inner Sanctum, at a software store located on the frontage road across from Cortana Mall in Baton Rouge. I don’t know why my memory of buying it is … Continue reading

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My Tweek on Twitter

What I did this past week on Twitter, a world of pure imagination. * BEST OF THE WEEK imo: It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. — Dave Lartigue (@daveexmachina) August 11, 2015 * David … Continue reading

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Space Cabby by Mathew Digges

There aren’t that many Space Cabby stories, but the ones there are work hard on giving a personality to a character who never got an actual name. So it’s always a blast to see that personality come through in a … Continue reading

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Week Five Done, After Only Three Months

This morning was a big day for my ongoing Couch to 5K project. I finally finished Week Five. When we last spoke, two months ago, I had finished Week One. After that I made slow but steady progress. For most … Continue reading

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